School Advisory Board

The role of the Riverford Business School Advisory Board is to provide advice and counsel to the president and the school management. The board plays a key role in helping to shape the school’s future.


The board members are accomplished and distinguished members of the world of Business, Government, Law, Education and beyond who share keen appreciation for the vision and mission of the school. With their world of experience they shall help to ensure that the school grows beyond imagination with the intent by Gods grace to become a degree awarding Institution/University.

The Advisory Board advice on the overall strategy and direction of the school. Also to establish and develop the school position within networks of practices, locally, nationally, and internationally. They also advice and assist on fund raising activities leading to relevant focus areas of the school.

The principal point of contact between the school and the advisory board are via the President and the Registrar. The Registrar acts as the administrative secretary to the board. The president has a standing invitation to meetings of the board. The Advisory Board meets two times in a year face to face. They are kept abreast of the school’s events through emails and reports.


  • Prof. Isaac Zeb-Obipi
  • Bishop Dr. Ibioku G. Bob-Manuel
  • Rev Itia Otabor
  • Pastor(Barr) Charles Koko
  • Engr.(Deacon) Kalada M. Koko
  • Sir Engr. Ikechi Nwogu