Certified Executive Education Programmes


  1. Certified Strategic Management Professional
  2. Certified Human Resources Management Professional
  3. Certified Marketing Management Professional
  4. Certified Business Management Professional
  5. Certified Financial Auditor
  6. Certified Project Manager
  7. Certified HSE Professional
  8. Certified Supply Chain Management Professional
  9. Certified Project Accountant
  10. Certified Project Risk Manager
  11. Certified Website Design Professional
  12. Certified Transport & Logistics Professional
  13. Certified Financial Risk Manager
  14. Certified Global Business Development Professional
  15. Certified Environmental Impact Assessment Professional
  16. Certified Hotel & Hospitality Manager
  17. Certified Procurement & Contract Management Professional
  18. Certified Quality Control Management Professional
  19. Certified Oil & Gas Management Professional
  20. Certified Information Technology Management Professional

Tuition Fee: N25,000
Meanwhile Professional Certificate can be awarded in the above  listed courses, with same duration and cost N20,000 only.
Duration: 4 days
Requirements:    First Degree Bsc, HND or its equivalence