Advanced Diploma in Business Management & Leadership

The Diploma in Business Management will give you skills in leadership, the planning and execution of projects, global business strategy, and company operations management.

This diploma course consists of three modules; Operations Management, which will enhance your leadership credentials and teach you how to increase a company’s value; Project Management, which will show you how to plan, implement, evaluate, and modify projects designed to meet specific company goals and objectives; and finally, Global Business Management, which is a specialist module designed to give you an advanced understanding of the strategies used to manage international organisations.
Learning Outcomes
Graduates of this diploma programme will possess career-ready skills in:

How to increase a company’s value and the basics of cost minimisation
Contemporary strategies for managing the operations of an international organisation
Establishing a customer base and the design and implementation of operational strategies.
International trade and investment, economic integration, and implementation and control techniques.


There are three modules in the Advanced Diploma in Business Management with associated sub-topics included within each module:

Operations Management.
Project Management.
Global Business Management.

You will be formally assessed once during the programme, which will consist of a written report of up to 3,000 words.

Completing this assignment to a satisfactory standard is a mandatory requirement.

Entry Requirements:

A good level of English language ability is recommended.

Relevant work experience is an asset, but no work experience is required.

Duration: 10 Weeks
Tuition Fee: N85,000
Application Fee: N5,000