Mission and Vision

Riverford Business School (RBS) has been active as a business school since 2000 and continues to expand provision of Practical Learning programmes all over the country, creating a national Practical Learning community of business leaders.


Mission – The Institution
To provide Affordable and Qualitative Learning Experience to meet the needs and aspirations of Students, Adults and Corporate Organizations for global competitiveness.

Vision – The Institution
Our vision is to be the best business school, so that in turn our students will aspire to be the best leaders and business managers, benefitting their personal development, professional career and the organisations that have faith in their ability to deliver.

Mission – MBA Programmes
Our mission is to help people and organizations achieve professional competence and sustainable growth in teaching and practice of new actionable knowledge based on relevant research.

Mission – DBA Programmes
Our mission is to offer a Doctorate in Business Administration to Senior Professionals, Chief Executive Officers and Senior Managers in order for them to experience professional advancement, develop research skills and a scientific attitude through the encouragement of original research at doctorate level whilst adding new theory and/or findings to the existing Business Administration’s body of knowledge.